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Accounting & Auditing Services in Thailand

Companies conducting business in Thailand must keep detailed accounts of financial transactions, maintain balance sheets and ledgers and periodically prepare and file various returns and reports with the Thai Revenue Department.

In addition to this, accounts submitted to the Revenue Department must be prepared in Thai. At Jus Laws & Consult our legal professionals, along with our internal accounting and auditing team, offer our foreign clients a complete package of legal and accounting services.

We work closely with our foreign clients to ensure that they receive sound advice and services, covering all relevant aspects of Thai tax law, accounting and auditing needs such as special accounts and investigations, review of company accounting, balance sheets, VAT registration and strategic tax planning.

Our accountants and auditors in Bangkok and Phuket can assist you with your:

  1. Annual Financial Statement
  2. Annual Tax Return
  3. Balance Sheet & Ledgers
  4. Mid-year tax return
  5. Monthly & yearly reports
  6. Payment Transfers
  7. Preparation of Company Accounts
  8. Record Accounting Transactions
  9. Review of Company Accounting
  10. Special Accounts & Investigations

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