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Payment Transfers in Thailand

At Juslaws & Consult our Accounting and Auditing Services team provides our clients with a wide range of options that includes making arrangements for both one-time and regularly-occurring payment transfers.
One of the ongoing functions essential to the smooth operation of a business is the payment of accounts due. This includes the timely payment of bills for goods or services received, the transfer of funds for employee wages and the regular remittance of payments of taxes and fees required by various government agencies.
Many of our foreign clients take advantage of the complete package of monthly accounting services we offer. In this case, payments made by the transfer of funds in payment for services or goods purchased are arranged by electronic bank transfers.
We are able to set up various types of payment transfers that ensure that regularly-occurring payments or funds transfers occur automatically and on time and that invoices are paid electronically as well. We also able to ensure that all related account records are kept up-to-date in respect of payments made.


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