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Preparation of Company Accounts in Thailand

Juslaws & Consult provides a broad range of accounting and auditing services customized to meet an individual client’s specific requirements. Our team has in-depth knowledge of Thailand’s taxation system and our expert staff applies accounting processes that establish a cost-effective foundation for business operations in Thailand.
Our accountants assist clients by preparing monthly financial statements for them as part of our comprehensive accounting and auditing services. We prepare client accounts that conform to Thai accounting standards and Thai tax laws. Our accountants are certified to sign off on client accounts, which is also a stipulation of Thai Accounting Law.
We are able to report and interact with our clients’ counterparts overseas, often involving different accounting requirements. For clients with their own reporting format, such as a format that is required by a foreign parent company, our professional staff works to ensure that the accounts comply with Thai accounting standards and Thai accounting laws, while satisfying the parent company’s requirements as well.
Having local experts set up sound accounting systems gives our clients peace of mind in respect of year-end accounts and tax returns. Having ready access to this important financial information also ensures that clients are able to budget and forecast accurately, and to make sound financial decisions overall.


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