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Review of Company Accounting and Internal Costs Recording Systems in Thailand

Companies often spend a significant amount of time and effort in book keeping and financial account maintenance. In many cases, this is time that could be put to better use focusing on core business activities.
At Juslaws & Consult, our Accounting and Auditing team assists clients in reviewing their existing accounting and internal cost recording systems – as well as in setting up new internal accounting and bookkeeping systems. We can help clients select accounting software that is most appropriate to their business needs and then assist in the implementation process, training client staff as required.
An accounting system typically contains the procedures and controls necessary for entering data, updating master files, identifying transactions, processing transactions, preparing source documents and generating documents and reports.
The system must keep track of financial activity and be capable of summarizing activity in a way that adds value to a company’s decision makers. Every type of accounting system, whether manual or computerized, must have the capacity for recording data on daily financial activity, and to classify and summarize this data as well.
Our team has wide-ranging expertise in areas such as accounts receivable and payable, fixed assets, payroll, inventory control, periodic reporting and cost accounting.


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