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Supporting Schedules for Financial Statements in Thailand

The professionals on the Auditing and Advisory team at Juslaws & Consult prepare and submit annual financial statements for our client companies as well as all the supporting schedules that may be required by the Ministry of Commerce.
Thailand requires that a company prepare its annual financial statement in accordance with the generally accepted principles of accounting, issue the statement to its shareholders for approval and then submit it to the Ministry of Commerce.
At Juslaws & Consult we offer our foreign clients advice and assistance in preparing the financial statement and the required supporting schedules as part of a comprehensive package of legal and accounting services. The supporting documentation can involve schedules of expenses, payments, fees and cash receipts and disbursements, for example.
All companies doing business in Thailand, including partnerships and branches of foreign entities, are required to submit two sets of their audited financial statement and supporting schedules along with their annual income tax return to the Department of Commercial Registration of the Ministry of Commerce within 150 days of their fiscal year end.
Along with the submission the company must make reference to the Annual General Meeting at which the financial statement and supporting schedules were approved and a list of the shareholders of the company at the time of the meeting.


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