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What is Board of Investment in Thailand?

The Thailand BOI (Board of Investment) is a government agency for encouraging investments in different businesses and particularly in key sectors in Thai economy by offering special tax incentives and non-tax incentives, work permits and other benefits to business.

BOI privileges vary business to business and the government agency under the Office of the Prime Minister closely checks how well your business fits the government strategic goal and development of the country in general. The Board of Investment Office prescribes the investment promotion policies under Investment Promotion Act with several resent amendments.

What are the BOI Tax Exemptions?

BOI Office pursuits for the most suitable projects for the investment promotions. Priorities are given to the businesses and projects which are important and have positive effect on economy, social and environment development and increase innovative technologies.

BOI Office assigns privileges, as well as tax and non-tax incentives based on the promoted industry and business sector. In overall there are seven BOI promoted business sectors with different scope of businesses.

If you receive BOI promotion, then you can apply and make your visa and work permit in One Stop Service Center. This center covers granting re-entry visa and visa type changes. All services are done at a single location within three-four hours from the time of submission of the required documents.

Why should you invest into Thailand?

  • It is a Regional Economic Center
  • Asian Economic Center – market size of USD 23.5 trillion
  • 2nd Ease of Doing Business among Emerging Economies in East Asia, World Bank 2016
  • 4th Asia’s Top Prospective Host Economies 2013-2015, World Investment Report 2015, UNCTAD
  • 14th Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, Deloitte 2016

In 2013 corporate income tax has been reduced to 20%, it ranks Thailand as the 2nd lowest in the ASEAN countries. Additionally, companies with BOI promotion certificates expresses even greater corporate income tax. All this puts Kingdom in a competitive position against other counties.

For more information about business activities eligible for promotions you can check through the following links of the specific business sectors:

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Why set-up a BOI company?

100% Foreign Ownership

Permission to have 100% foreign

0 % Tax

Up to 15 years exemption of Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

Visas and Work Permits

Permit to bring experts and skilled workers with their families

Own Land

Permit foreigners to own land

Regular Company vs. Thailand BOI Approved Company

Ratio of Thai to Foreign Employees 4:1 Negotiable based on requirements*
Effective Corporate Tax Rate 20% 0%**
Maximum Foreign Ownership Restricted to 49% 100% is allowable
Import of Machinery VAT Tax No Tax

BOI Process

Initial meeting
Initial meetingUnderstanding your business. Outlining the business structure, supporting with BOI Information related to your business sector.
Application submission
Application SubmissionGathering and Filling in documents and BOI application. Revision and modifications will be done if necessary.
BOI Notification
BOI NotificationLetter from BOI Office will be issued. Depending on the scale of the business, BOI office may require from 40 to 90 days maximum for consideration.
Project Evaluation
Project EvaluationLiaising with BOI officers and Documents support. Providing additional documents to the BOI office if it would be required.
Interview/Presentation Session
Interview/Presentation SessionGuiding applicant(s) through the interview process. Tailor presentation.
Acceptance of Promoted Status
Acceptance of Promoted StatusSubmission of the acceptance form.
Setup company
Setup company
Start to do business
Start to do businessAfter acceptance of the BOI promotion will be submitted, applicant can resume business under the BOI promotion. If company hasn’t been established yet, then applicant must submit the company establishment documents form within 6 months since accepting approval.

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