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Branch Office

Branch Offices in Thailand

What is a Branch Office in Thailand?

The registration of a Branch Office in Thailand will allow for a foreign-owned and controlled corporation, to derive revenue from business in Thailand by selling goods and services within that branch office.

Setup a Branch Office Foreign Business License

Similar to the representative office, to open a Branch Office of foreign company in Thailand you must apply for a Foreign Business License (FBL) under the category which best fits your business activities in Thailand. A Foreign Business License takes a period of at least 60 days from the date the application is submitted in order to receive approval or denial. Once the Foreign Business License has been approved, the branch office is then considered registered.

Requirements for a Foreign Business License

  1. There are no specifics or limitations to foreign or Thai shareholding such as that in a Thai Limited Company
  2. A minimum capital of 3 million THB must be brought into the country prior to the granting of Foreign Business License. It shall be brought in as follows:
    • No less than 25% of 3 million must be remitted into the country within the first three months after approval.
    • During the same year, at least 50% of the capital must be remitted
    • The remainder of 25% of the capital must be remitted each year after that.
  3. At least one Agent must be employed in the Branch Office in order to look after the management and day to day operations of the business.
  4. Every fiscal year, submission of taxes must be made consisting of the details of the business development, in report form, with financial reports and taxes to the Revenue Department.

Branch Office for Your Foreign Company

Should the creation of a Branch Office suit your business requirements in Thailand we recommend that you come in to our offices to discuss the process to get your company a Foreign Business License in greater detail. We have assisted scores of foreigners with company registration in Thailand. Contact us today at our Bangkok or Phuket office.


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