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Investments in Thailand - Bank Accounts - Banking & Finance - Project Financing - Offshore Companies - Juslaws & Consult

Business And Investment Counseling
in Thailand

Investments in Thailand - Bank Accounts - Banking & Finance - Project Financing - Offshore Companies - Juslaws & Consult

Business and Investment Counseling in Thailand

Juslaws & Consult provides a wide range of business and investment counseling services in Thailand. We have a department dedicated to Mergers and Acquisitions. At any time we have several business types available for acquisition or merger including; hotels, factories, property management companies, and a variety of high end villas and condominiums.

Business Consulting Services

Our lawyer’s comprehension of both the Civil and Commercial code, or the Public Limited Company Act, is a key factor for our clients interested in an acquisition or a merger of companies or assets in Thailand. Our understanding of the legal details helps our clients and gives them confidence in our business consulting services.

In the past we have consulted in several cross border transactions providing vital services like;
- Corporate Due Diligence - exploring deep into the company;
- Legal Opinions - advice on additional burdens the company will take on;
- Negotiations & Contracts - the legal paperwork required to make the deal happen.

Contracts and Agreements

We believe that robust agreements and contracts are central to the success of businesses so, as lawyers, we appreciate how important it is to provide technically excellent advice in the correct context.

From contracts for e-business, to legal engagements for major projects, and whether relating to purchasing, production, franchising, agency, marketing, selling, infrastructure, energy or technology, our firm provide first class commercial and legal advice on agreement preparation and structuring, contract negotiations, risk management and contract advice & amendments.

Compliance and Licensing

In the area of Compliance and Licensing, we start by providing preliminary advice to clients who plan to set up a Company. After discussing and defining with our clients the nature of the project and location we can provide information on compliance and licensing with the Thai authorities.

Juslaws & Consult

From market entry to commercialization and technology transfer, we assist our clients to obtain compliance and the licenses that apply to their business. We have experience in various industries such as pharma, cosmetics, veterinary, food and beverage as well as biotech.

To sum up, Juslaws & Consult can provide Business and Investment Counseling services as per your needs. For more information please contact us.


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