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Contracts & Agreementsin Thailand

order to process and progress a binding relationship with the intention of forming a relationship with a view for profit or understanding and/or a business relationship between two or more parties. Without an agreement and/or contracts in place to prove intention, terms and conditions, as well as obligations, there is no firm confirmation of what the parties decided upon. For this reason, it is essential to have one in place.

Contracts vary from all sorts by and between corporations or establishments, ranging including but not limited to:

Share Transfer Agreements
Sale of Shares
Sale of Assets of a Company
Loan Agreements
Service Agreements
Employment Agreements
Hire/Purchase Agreements for goods or services
Joint Venture Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Principal/Agent Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements

At Juslaws & consult, we are here to provide you with the utmost best and sound advice as to your business dealings and as to when and where a contract or agreement is needed. Please contact us to see which contract best suits your needs.


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