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Entity / Corporate Governance and Owner Relationships in Thailand

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is governance on all levels of a corporation including but not limited to the laws of that entity, depending on the country of incorporation, the policies that relate to the business activities of such an entity, the rules and the regulations that govern the entity, and its effect and proper maintenance and upholding of such rules, regulations and law in order to improve its level of effectiveness within the corporation in relation to not only employees, directors, management levels but also in carrying out duties and services that are rendered to the customers or clients of that particular entity.

A business with good or great corporate governance tends to have a high reputation in their goods and services, and also a high level of professionalism within the corporation between staff and management in order to maintain a high standard of service.

Hence, it is essential to determine the level of corporate governance that you have in place in your particular entity, in order to evaluate if the level of corporate governance is where it should be.

Here at Juslaws & Consult, we are able to meticulously review internal matters in relation to how works are distributed and different areas of hierarchy in order to determine that the business activities of such an entity are able to be monitored and within corporation regulations. We also provide an in depth look into the various laws associated with your business activities to ensure that they comply with the laws and regulations of Thailand as determined either by relevant Acts or even codes.

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