Senior Lawyer - Juslaws & Consult Co., Ltd

Senior Lawyer

Duties and Responsibilities

Legal Advice

Providing cross-functional team leaders with legal advice through all corporate transactions; identifying legal issues within the firm and providing legal analyses and possible legal solutions; giving recommendations for addressing critical legal and policy issues in order to ensure that the firm’s legal and overall objectives are met, offering advice to departmental leaders across the firm on applicable laws and the interpretation of legal documents in a manner that avails a practical legal approach while properly managing the risks to the business. Coordinate and liaise with external law firms regarding litigations, civil case, and labour case including follow up and report the progress of all litigation cases.


Overseeing the junior lawyers’ legal representation of the business on all corporate matters taking a leading role in determining the legal direction and strategy of the business; contributing to the development and implementation of legal compliance policies and procedures; counselling colleagues; developing appropriate relationships with other departments across the firm as well as externally with state authorities and government officials

Legal Drafting

Leading the junior lawyers in handling various drafting tasks, inclusive of quarterly/annual report drafting, proxy statement development etc.; preparing various complex contracts as well as developing and documenting standard terms and conditions for the firm’s clients.


Working closely with junior lawyers in developing contracts, reviewing, negotiating, and interpreting a wide array of business/corporate agreements as well as conducting research on licensing issues; working with the firm’s clients by clearly and effectively providing timely and practical legal advice on any complex issues that they may have


Keeping the department and the firm at large informed on new laws, regulations, and industry trends that affect the business as well as assisting with the development of policies and training as necessary

Other Duties

Performing similar duties as are deemed appropriate for the proper execution of the duties of the Senior Lawyer and duties as delegated by the Head of Legal, Chief Finance Officer, or the Managing Partner; working closely with departmental heads across the firm in addressing potential securities compliance issues that heighten the legal risks to the business

Required Qualifications


Master’s degree in Law from an accredited University. Is a member of the Thai Bar Association.


At least 8 years of working experience in a corporate legal environment. The candidate must have also had some experience in legal practice and/or at a law firm and as an in-house legal consultant within a corporate setting.

Legal Skills

Drafting numerous forms legal documentation; sash as: negotiating contracts, non-disclosure agreements, terms and conditions, among others, knowledge of legal principles specifically on finance matters such as taxation and the existent and emerging company law legislation and practices.

Communication Skills

Good written and verbal communication skills in both, Thai and English languages are preferred.

Computer skills

Excellent skills with respect to MS Office, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint which are necessary for the drafting of various legal documents and for the creation of engaging presentations.

Interpersonal Skills

Strategic and creative thinking, result orientation as well as detail orientation, flexibility and ability to change, excellent and organizational and planning skills, ability to manage numerous simultaneous projects and meet tight deadlines, meticulous attitude and a keen eye for detail, exceptionally good problem solving skills, ability to remain calm and composed during times of uncertainty and stress.

People Skills

Ability to form strong, lasting, and meaningful relationships with others while maintaining firm adherence to legal standards

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