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Limited Company Registration in Thailand

Juslaws & Consult creates and delivers tailor-made business solutions to the international clients. The most significant resource we offer to our clients is our professionalism. Many of us have worked in business and through the learning our clients we invest our relationship into hard work and build foundations that go simply beyond providing legal services.

Registering Limited Company in Thailand is one of the most popular business entity in Thailand. The process of registering Thai Limited Company is very straightforward and it has basic characteristics similar to Western corporations. A Limited Company is formed through a process that leads to the registration of a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association as its constitutive documents.

Other forms of Corporate Presence in Thailand

Despite the popularity of Privet Limited Company, foreign businesses may consider other types if business entities in Thailand. Depending on the business activity, scale of the business and complexity of the business structure our corporate Attorneys will advise you accordingly to meet all your demands.

Example of other forms of corporate presence in Thailand:

Juslaws & Consult provides you a global, long-term plan to the companies of all nationalities conducting business in Thailand. With an international team of corporate lawyers from Thailand, US, Europe and Russia we assist our clients on the incorporation of entities, advising and structuring the business models, advising on dividend policies, capital increases, global transfers of assets and liabilities and shareholder agreements.

Why open a business in Thailand?

Business opportunities were created in Thailand in the context where Asia is now the world’s growing engine. Countries like Japan, South Korea, China, India are the key players in driving this growth. Considering this fast-pace growth, government of the Kingdom of Thailand administers the policy to buster it’s economy, stability, prosperity and sustainability. With this have said, the priority of the development strategies has been given to Automation & Robotics, Medical & Healthcare, IT, Digital Economy, Aerospace and Automotive, as well as Biochemical, Biotechnology and Agricultural industries.

Just recently, Thailand 4.0 Economic model has been introduced by the government with focus on transforming country into an “innovation-driven economy”. During the 20-year period of the National Strategic plan, the government is going to strengthen the local economy and improve Thailand’s connection to the word markets.

Thailand already has been attracting foreign investors and businesses, but with the new investment promotion tools have been developed, including the establishment of the 10-billion THB Competitive Enhancement Fund for targeted industries and additional fiscal incentives – government of Thailand is seriously pushing development into the next level.

Our team consists of members with years of experience in the corporate and international business fields. Prestigious directories and legal publications highlight the preeminence of Juslaws’ corporate law practice and its professionals in their yearly rankings.

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