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Environmental Audits
in Thailand

Environmental Audits in Thailand

Environmental Audits in Thailand

An environmental audit is an evaluation, often required by a governmental agency, to identify whether a business in Thailand is in compliance with environmental regulations and if there are gaps in management systems implementation. Areas that need to be remedied, if any, are normally part of the audit report. In this sense, this type of audit is similar to a financial audit.

Environmental audits review a business's operations and its processes to assess compliance with environmental regulations and laws. The audits typically cover a wide range of activities and areas of functions, including;

  • Business activities and procedures
  • Building sites and buildings
  • Commercial and industrial developments
  • Engineering hazards Audits can range from basic reviews of facility safety that are legally-mandated, to voluntary reviews of a company‚Äôs environmental practices.

Real Estate Transaction

The most common application of environmental audits in Thailand occur in real estate transactions. Buyers are increasingly concerned about environmental issues that may not have been disclosed or are unknown to the seller that could eventually lead to future expense and a possible dispute.

Audits can identify environmental problems, such as contamination, for example, but can also alert a client to the likely costs associated with alleviating the problem so that all environmental standards are met. In the case of a real estate transaction, if the audit uncovers a problem, a prospective buyer can withdraw from a deal or ask the seller for compensation with respect to cleanup expenses or regulatory penalties. The quality and scope of environmental audits varies significantly depending on a business's needs and the regulatory requirements.

Juslaws & Consult

Some clients are in need of one-time or periodic inspections of the major areas of their facility operations. Others limit their environmental audits to document reviews without asking for a physical facility inspection. Businesses that are concerned with legal penalties for non-compliance typically seek more detailed environmental audits, and this is where the Juslaws & Consult environmental law team can really be of service.


Today a greater number of companies in Thailand are becoming concerned with conserving and protecting the environment and seek more thorough environmental audits. The Juslaws & Consult team can supply comprehensive services ranging from environmental audits to negotiating environmental permits and representing clients before various environmental officials. Juslaws & Consult can also offer advice and services when purchasing or selling businesses and real estate in cases where there are potential environmental issues. Juslaws & Consult has years of experience dealing with environmental issues and can certainly help so please do not hesitate to contact us


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