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Appeals in Thailand

Appeals Several of Thailand’s environmental laws and regulations stipulate that permits are required before certain activities may be undertaken. The foundation for Thailand’s environmental legislation is set out in the National Environmental Quality Act (NEQA) and in the guidelines that followed this Act, known as the Pollution Prevention and Mitigation Policy. Attorneys in the Environmental Law Practice at Jus Laws & Consult assist clients in applying for environmental permits and negotiating issues pertaining to the permits. We seek exemptions and modifications to requirements when feasible and conduct appeals on behalf of our clients with the various Thai environmental agencies. In addition to NEQA, environmental principles have been set out in publications such as the Soil Quality Standards, Air Quality and Noise Standards and Water Quality Standards. Thailand’s Factory Act contains regulations for the establishment and operation of factories in the Kingdom, expressly dealing with factory type, location and equipment and machinery to be used. There are ministerial regulations specifying the amount of adulterated substances that are permitted in factory air emissions and in waste water released. The National Environment Board has identified pollution control zones in Pattaya and Phuket and established measures to protect the environment in those areas and the Phi Phi Islands. The same Board has also set standards for the quality of sea water, surface water and underground water. An increasing number of business activities are requiring environmental permits and many of our clients rely on us to keep them up-to-date on this regulatory area. Our professionals ensure that our clients are aware of all new environmental regulations that are relevant to their current operations and future plans. We also ensure that our clients receive the support they need if it becomes necessary to institute an appeal with one of the environmental agencies.


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