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Extension Of Stay
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Extension of Stay In Thailand - Juslaws & Consult

Extension of Stay in Thailand

Many foreign visitors to Thailand choose to extend their stay in the Kingdom. In order to stay longer legally, an official extension of stay must be obtained from the Thai Immigration authorities. Normally short-term extensions are permitted for tourists and non-immigrant visas. For a foreigner who is not applying for a one-year extension to stay, a seven-day extension can be applied for on a non-immigrant visa. A 60-day tourist visa can be extended by 30 days.

One Year Extensions

One-year extensions of stay are available for the purpose of business, marriage, education or retirement. Holders of tourist visas must first receive a non-immigrant visa before they are eligible to apply for a long-term extension of stay.

After being in Thailand for 90 days it is possible to apply for an extension of stay, but the regulations differ depending on the type of visa. For a retirement visa or a marriage visa, this is quite straightforward, although in the case of a business visa more rigorous rules apply.


Juslaws & Consult have years of experience with all types of visas and in-depth knowledge of Thailand's immigrations laws and procedures. We provide wide-ranging services to individuals applying for visas and permit-to-stay extensions. Contact Juslaws & Consult for more information.


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