Intellectual Property in Thailand

Intellectual Property sometimes constitutes the most important asset of a company. It refers to patents, copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks. This field of law requires specialized expertise which we offer at Juslaws & Consult. Intellectual property rights in Thailand are governed by various laws and regulations which are about to change in many aspects. Thailand is a party to an increasing number of international treaties on IP. IP is one of Thailand’s fastest changing areas of law. The general tendency of this developments is that IP rights are increasingly recognized and protected in Thailand according to international standards. But this in some cases requires that you take action, for example by registering your IP rights: trademarks and patents require registration to be protected. It might not be sufficient if your IP rights are registered abroad, and in some cases the time of registration is essential.
From trademark registration to complex IP disputes: our lawyers cover the entire range of IP related matters. Protect your valuable IP assets and contact our lawyers for more details.


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