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Administrative Law in Thailand

Thailand’s Administrative law governs the activities of the government’s administrative entities and the officials working at those agencies. Actions of government agencies range from making rules to adjudicating and enforcing regulatory agendas.
Administrative law deals with how administrative units of the government, such as boards or commissions make decisions that are part of the national regulatory scheme. Areas involved include the environment, immigration, manufacturing, trade, Building and Zoning Laws in Thailand, Government Licenses, Environment Laws and many others.
The need for this body of laws arose in Thailand and around the world as increasing numbers of government entities were formed to regulate the economic, social and political spheres of activity. The Thai Administrative Court was established under provisions of the Act on the Establishment of Administrative Courts and Administrative Court Procedures of B.E. 2542 (1999).
The Court generally conducts reviews of decisions in matters of administrative law, including matters such as judicial reviews. The court’s jurisdiction covers unlawful acts committed by an administrative agency or official, including acts that are beyond the realm of authority or law, inconsistency under the law, or bad faith, among others.
It also covers an official’s neglect or unreasonable delay in performing their official duties, the wrongful acts of an administrative agency, administrative contracts, unlawful mandates and injunctions. Changes in Thailand’s legal system can make it difficult for businesses in both the interpretation and application of the law.
Our attorneys are able to provide insight into how the various government entities work. We can also help to structure commercial transactions taking administrative issues into consideration, ensuring both compliance and transparency.
Only skilled professionals can advise both Thai and foreign clients in matters such as administrative contracts, administrative law and procedural law, and other regulatory issues.
Having represented clients operating in a variety of industries, our attorneys have practical experience into how Thai government entities functions and when and how their actions can be successfully challenged.
Juslaws & Consult helps clients by providing administrative advice and litigation, including initiating claims against governmental authorities. With our administrative contacts we are able to assist clients in dealings and negotiations in respect of administrative contracts with governmental agencies.


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