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Antitrust and Trade

Antitrust is also known as Competition Law which is based on the laws regulating competition between businesses with the incluAntitrust and Tradesion of fair trade. It is the Trade Competition Act of B.E.1999 that governs the law of Antitrust in Thailand. The main concern of antitrust and trading laws are that any business that are engaged in almost any kind of activity is to not restrict the market or in other words competition by other businesses who are in the same field by using various tactics in order to keep the business within their control. The Trade Competition Law specifically states that, ‘A business operator shall not carry out any act which is not free and fair competition and has the effect of destroying, impairing, obstructing, impeding or restricting business operation of other business operators or preventing other persons from carrying out business or causing their cessation of business.’
These kinds of practices are therefore, prohibited by law in various countries including Thailand. There are a wide range of activities that are not permitted with regards to antitrust laws such as:

Involvement with other businesses without reasonable cause or justification.

Restricting the prices of various goods or services in the market to limit consumers to your own region or area or in another region or area.

Restricting areas of distribution, volume of goods produced, damaging products to reduce prices.

Agreeing with any business either formally or informally to restrict market conditions and regions and or to control the market within a certain area in exchange for consideration for monetary value, or otherwise.

If any of these activities are being performed that you are aware of by an individual or business and is directly or indirectly affecting your business, it is suggested that you contact a lawyer or solicitor in order to examine and verify your options to filing a claim in order to cease such actions.
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