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Business and Commercial in Thailand

There are a vast amount of transactions that are involved in business and commercial settings. However, one must be aware of the country of business as well and the terms and conditions and regulations of a contract made within that country to ensure such obligations are met and terms and conditions are complied with.
It is for this reason; Juslaws & Consult goes in depth about the certain business and commercial transaction criteria prior to entering in such a relationship in order to avoid conflicts that may arise in the future which then leads to litigation.
Often in Thailand, business and commercial dealings go bad due to a large number of problems arising because of the communication and language barrier. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a professional who understands both the laws of Thailand and the laws of the other country whom the transaction is between, in order to gain a better understanding of the intentions of both parties and to portray this correctly in the contract.
In the event however, a dispute arises, Juslaws & Consult can assess the situation thoroughly by going through every meticulous detail involved in the transaction from the beginning prior to entering into the agreement up until the time of dispute in order to determine the claimants needs and interests and what they actually want out of the transaction and the result of such a case.
A Breach of Contract – when a party to an agreement fails to perform any term of a written or oral contract without a legitimate legal reason the other party may claim for breach of contract. This could involve not completing a job, not paying on time or in full, failing to deliver all required goods, substituting inferior or substantially different goods, or any other act demonstrating that the party will not perform as specified. One of the most common types of civil law suits in Thailand is for court-order specific performance and/or damages.
A breach of contract usually provides a claim in a Civil court, however, more often than not, depending on what the transaction consists of, a claim in the Criminal court may also arise.
At JusLaws & Consult we specialize in litigation, we are here to assist whether in terms of Business and Commercial or other areas of litigation. Please contact us today in order to determine your rights and obligations in any case that may arise.


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