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Family Law in Thailand

Family law in Thailand deals with a number of issues related to marriage, domestic relations and children, including:

Pre-marital agreements

Marriage and issues that arise in a marriage

Child Birth

Child custody and parental responsibility

Child adoption

Divorce, property settlements, alimony

Juvenile adjudication


Wills & Inheritance

Thai Prenuptial Agreements

In Thailand, the legal system of family law is based on the European civil law model with the main influence being from France’s civil law system. Thailand’s family law is primarily codified in the country’s Civil and Commercial Code.
Thailand’s Supreme Court sets out the rules for the precise interpretation of wording in and sections of the Civil and Commercial Code. The reason for this is to ensure that written laws are consistently and correctly understood and the extent of their meaning is established. The Supreme Court does not issue rulings in specific cases or consider the facts and circumstances of specific cases. It interprets how the written law is applied in an actual matter under the ruling of a lower court, explaining the exact meaning of the law.
The rulings of the Thai Supreme Court have binding authority that is similar to written laws in other jurisdictions. The main collection of Thailand’s family laws is found in the Kingdom’s Civil and Commercial Code.
Clients involved in serious family disputes need a lawyer who has the ability and experience to represent them effectively. At Juslaws & Consult we defend family cases aggressively, while at the same time ensuring that legal costs are kept at a reasonable level and avoiding further damage to family relationships whenever possible. We provide advice and service in all aspects of this broad area of law, covering issues as diverse as marriage, legal separations, contested divorces, domestic and foreign adoptions, and parental custody and responsibility among others.


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