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Internal Corporate Investigation in Thailand

Annual business losses to corporate fraud are massive and continue to increase. In addition to the financial impact, internal fraud often corrupts a company’s culture and seriously damages its reputation. Juslaws & Consult provides assistance to clients in internal corporate fraud investigation and litigation while also places an emphasis on fraud awareness and prevention.
Our team of experienced specialists can help clients develop a fraud prevention strategy that encompasses pre-employment screening of employees, internal fraud control programs and increased emphasis on fraud awareness in their company’s culture.
When an incident of corporate fraud or misconduct does occur, our investigators help minimize losses and expose the internal perpetrators. Our professionals have extensive experience in investigating counterfeiting, cyber crime, embezzlement, employee theft, procurement fraud and intellectual property loss.
Our business clients have found a growing need to monitor their own operations against misconduct and fraud. This has becoming increasingly important for companies doing business with government entities, as contract disputes can escalate into criminal investigations. Our attorneys have assisted clients in avoiding these problems and to respond promptly and effective when such problems arise. In addition, we are able to conduct internal investigations and assist clients in responding to enquiries by government entities.
Fraud and misconduct have become unfortunate realities of operating a business. Many companies sustain damages caused by unethical, fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate actions of their employees, their partners, suppliers or customers. In many cases the risk can be mitigated by preventative measures.
Internal investigations into these types of corporate legal problems require expertise and specialized resources. The investigations must be handled sensitively and respect data protection and legal privilege. A legal advisor must be experienced in coordinating investigations – at times across multiple jurisdictions. Our specialists are able to help clients develop protocols for internal investigations as well as conduct cross-border investigations in a relatively short period of time.
Whether our clients require an urgent investigation into suspected misconduct or fraud, a risk assessment, or the development of an internal prevention mechanism, our involvement is always customized to the client’s particular needs. We approach fraud risk assessment and prevention practically and efficiently, ensuring that clients are better able to make informed responses to potentially damaging situations. Our goal is to help clients reduce their risk of damage to finances, operations or reputation.


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