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Marriage in Thailand
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Marriage in Thailand - Juslaws & Consult

Marriage in Thailand

Anyone planning a marriage in Thailand needs to be aware of the legal requirements involved and Juslaws & Consult can ensure that your marriage complies with Thai law, and for foreigners, that it is also recognized abroad as well.

Procedure To Register A Marriage

The procedures for registering a marriage in Thailand vary according to the nationality of the persons involved. Age is an eligibility requirement. In order to marry in Thailand, both the man and woman must be 17 years of age or older. A court can approve marriage at a younger age if there is an appropriate reason.

Neither the man nor the woman can be married to another person at the time of the marriage. When a man and woman publicly declare their intention to marry in front of a Registrar and consent to take each other as husband and wife, the Registrar is permitted by law to register the marriage.

The registration can occur at any District Office or Minor District Office regardless of the birthplace of the couple. When the marriage has been registered, each party will receive a copy of the Marriage Registration Certificate.

Registration of a marriage requires certain documents. Thais must produce their Identification Cards and House Registration Certificates. If either the man or the woman has previously been married they must also produce proof of divorce from their previous spouse, or proof of the former spouse's death.

Juslaws & Consult Foreigners & Marriage

Foreigners must produce a copy of their passport along with the stamped arrival card they received when last entering the country. Foreigners also require an affidavit from their embassy certifying that they are not married. The affidavit must be translated into Thai by an approved translator, and certified by the Foreign Ministry.

The couple then needs to present themselves along with 2 witnesses to any District Office to register their marriage in Thailand.


Lawyers services are not required inorder to get married in Thailand, but if there are significant wealth or assests involved then Juslaws & Consult strongly suggest that you at least consult with a lawyer to get all the facts and protect your interests. Marriage in Thailand is relatively easy and could prove relatively expensive later on down the road when things are not so rosey. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


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