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Minerals, Ceramics
and Basic Metals

Minerals, Ceramics andBasic Metals

In comparison with many other countries, Thailand is relatively well endowed with a variety of mineral resources. The mining industry is an important sector which contributes greatly to the economy of the Kingdom.

While exports of minerals and metals have brought in substantial foreign exchange earnings, domestic utilization of minerals as raw materials has helped creating industries which have brought economic and social development to the country’s rural areas.

At present, Thailand produces more than 40 minerals and metals for commercial purposes. Among those are lignite, limestone, gypsum, feldspar, kaolin, glass sand, dimension stone, tin, zinc and rock aggregate.

Thailand is ready to encourage and promote projects in the field of mining industry and manufacturing of many relevant products for mutually economic benefits among parties. Investment promotion in several fields within the mining industry will be more and more dynamically pursued in future. The Thai Government has established a clear policy to welcome foreign investors to participate in the development of largescale projects. Various technical supporting projects in the field of geological information have been implemented to accommodate the expansion and development of the mining and related, forward linked industries.

Opportunities for minerals, ceramics and basic metal producers in Thailand

The Board of Investment of Thailand grants a wide range of both tax and non-tax incentives and other guarantees to investment projects in this field, provided that the projects meet national economic development goals. These promotional privileges are available for prospecting of minerals, potash mining, mineral processing and a variety related metallurgical projects.

Minerals, ceramics and basic metal producers

  • Prospecting of materials
  • Potash mining and/or dressing
  • Manufacture of advanced or nano materials or products produced from advanced or nano materials
  • Manufacture of glass or ceramic products
  • Manufacture of fire-resistant materials or heat insulation (except aerated, and lightweight brick)
  • Manufacture of gypsum board or gypsum

BOI benefits for minerals, ceramics and basic metal companies in Thailand

100% Foreign Ownership

Permission to have 100% foreign ownership

Visas & Work Permits

Including all family members

Freehold land ownership

Permission for foreigners to own land

Transfer funds

Permission to transfer money abroad in foreign currency

BOI incentives for minerals, ceramics and basic metal producers

  • Capital Income Tax (CIT) exemption up to 8 years
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Visa and work permits
  • Permission to own land
  • Transferring funds in foreign currency
  • Reduction of import duties on machinery and raw materials
  • Double deduction of costs of transportation, electric and water
  • Import duty exemption on raw or essential materials imported for use in production for export
  • Decentralization Merit Incentives
  • Merit Incentives for Competitiveness


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