Ploynampetch Hanpachon

Ploynampetch Hanpachon

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Ms. Ploynampetch Hanpachon newly joined Juslaws and consult in 2019 in our Bangkok office
as an Executive Assistant. She has experienced an international workplace while studying
Master degree in Switzerland. She was in various industries such as consumer products, energy,
distribution and hospitality specializing in marketing. As an Executive Assistant, Ms.
Ploynampetch is generally in charge of all secretarial and administrative tasks including
preparing documents, organizing meetings and contacting suppliers. She can communicate in
English efficiently and is proficient in German and Japanese.

Ploynampetch Hanpachon - Experience

  • Manages a telephone call and greets customers
  • Provides general information of Juslaws services
  • Liaises with potential clients and attorneys
  • Assists in document preparation, letters and special requests
  • Assists in translating Thai, English and German
  • Produces information by formatting, transcribing, editing, copying and transmitting text, data and graphics
  • Maintains attorney calendar by planning and scheduling conferences, teleconferences, disposition and travel
  • Records and monitors court appearance dates, pleadings, and filling requirements
  • Monitors evidence-gathering and anticipates changes in litigation or transaction preparation requirements.

Professional Qualifications

  • Master´s Degree of International Hospitality Business Management, Business Hotel Management School.
  • Master´s Degree of International Hospitality Business Management, Robert Gordon University.
  • Post Graduate´s Diploma of Hotel Operation Management, Swiss Hotel Management School.
  • Bachelor´s Degree of Business Administration, Marketing, Chulalongkorn University.

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