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Report Distribution in Thailand

The payroll services group at Juslaws & Consult handles overall payroll management for clients, including payroll calculations, payment transfers, payslip creation and the preparation of payroll reports. We prepare and distribute internal reports to company management and file returns and reports with the Thai Tax, Social Security and other regulatory authorities.
We produce payroll reports for company management that detail both individual employee payroll expenses and total payroll expense for the current pay period as well as for the year-to-date. We are also able to generate reports comparing payroll expenses to past accounting periods. Such reports provide a useful tool planning and forecasting tool for management.
In preparing and filing reports with various Thai government departments, our objective is always to make sure that the company remains in compliance with the many regulations and reporting requirements. These can be quite complex and many clients feel that the advice and assistance of a qualified professional services firm is essential.
Remittance of withholding taxes and other amounts deducted from employee pay generally must be accompanied by a report as well, both submitted within a specific timeframe. Our professional staff typically prepares and submits remittances and reports to the Revenue Department and the Social Security Fund, as well as the annual return and report required by Workmen’s Compensation.


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