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Servitudes in Thailand

Servitudes also called an easement is technically rights and obligations of two parties, one in which is obliged by contractual and registered right to provide a right of given by the land owner in order for the subsequent land owner, whose property is located nearby, however in order to get to their property, must pass the property of the land owner. It is in these circumstances that a right of servitude is to be entered into in order to serve and bound both parties and covers their rights and obligations. Servitudes can be located on residential plots or even can be granted for a temporary amount of time to a construction plot.

It is imperative to bear in mind however, that the registered right to use such servitude means that the user of such land must not cause damage the property in any way except for general usage. Servitudes in Thailand can be registered and despite the fact that the process of registration and approval may not be difficult, it is suggested that you contact a lawyer or solicitor in order to examine your rights to determine whether a registration of servitude is permissible in the circumstances in the first place. Servitudes are covered in the Civil and Commercial code with sections 1287 defining servitude and extend to section 1401.


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