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Thailand Property Attorney

There are various ways in which a property attorney can be found in Thailand. A Thailand Property Attorney can be found by first determining what area the interested property is in. Once you have determined this, it would be easier to find the one best suited for you.

There are various types of Attorney’s in Thailand that specialize in different areas. Many of the firms in Thailand do not specifically consist of Real estate or property; however, they do specialize in many other areas of all as well. It is suggested that you contact these firms before assuming that they do not on the face of it, deal with Property transactions.

Property Attorney’s in Thailand handle matters such as acquisition of property by foreigners, contract review of Sale’s and Purchase Agreements, Performing Title searches on real property, Due Diligences and assistance with the acquisition itself such as banking. Most of the time these firms do offer a property package which involve all steps from the start to finish where the ownership is transferred. Be sure to ask if this is what you wish for. The Property package may vary from firm to firm.

Property Law in Thailand also offers various drafting of certain agreements ranging from loan agreement, lease agreements, mortgages and sales and purchase agreements.

Thailand Property Attorney’s also branch out into other areas of law such as corporate which would involve setting up a business in Thailand in order to permit the purchase of land in Thailand as a foreigner. This may further involve other business setups in Thailand whether this consist of the Board of Investors, Amity Treaty or the Foreign Business Act.

We at Juslaws & Consult offer various services from setting up business, acquisition of property, areas of Family law concerning divorce, wills and prenuptials and also specialize in civil, commercial and criminal litigation cases. Our offices are open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Alternatively, you may also email your enquiry directly to either for enquiries directed to our Bangkok office, or for enquiries directed to our Phuket office.


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