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Visa and Immigration In Thailand

Smart Visa
in Thailand

Smart Visa in Thailand

Smart Visa in Thailand

Smart Visa is a new program introduced in February 2018 by Thai government to support the Thailand 4.0 policy. It is designed to attract technical experts, senior managers, investors and startup entrepreneurs to invest in or work for the following targeted industries in Thailand:

  • Next-Generation Automotive
  • Smart Electronics
  • Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism
  • Agriculture and Biotechnology
  • Food for the Future
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Aviation and Logistics
  • Biofuels and Biochemicals
  • Digital
  • Medical Hub

Once granted, a SMART Visa will offer the following privileges to the visa holder and his/her family:

  • Longer term of stay: maximum 4 years for SMART Visa type T, I and E, and renewable for unlimited times, but not exceeding the remaining employment/service contract term; for SMART Visa type S, 1 year for the first term, and renewable for maximum 2 years for unlimited times
  • No work permit is required
  • Frequency for reporting to the Immigration Bureau is extended from every 90 days to every 1 year
  • No re-entry permit is required
  • Spouses and children are allowed to stay and work in Thailand without the work permit


The SMART Visa can be applied for in Thailand at the One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit in Bangkok or your local Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate General. Processing by government agencies will take 30 working days from the receipt of completed documents.

Juslaws & Consult is highly experienced in assisting foreigners planning and settling for their stay and work in Thailand. We have helped many clients obtain, extend, renew or convert various types of visas to Thailand. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you apply for a SMART Visa. We also have more information on SMART Visa here


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