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Tax Calculator in Thailand

Thailand levies tax on various types of income. One of most well-known categories of tax is the personal Income Tax (PIT), which is imposed on a person’s assessable income. PIT is based on a progressive rate schedule and takes into consideration numerous deductions, allowances and exemptions.

In Thailand, assessable income is taxed whether it is paid in cash or as a non-cash benefit, such as free or subsidized housing or the use of a company car. The total of all income received provides the base from which the withholding amount is calculated.

Taxpayers are granted numerous deductions, allowances and exemptions from their taxable income base. These include a deduction for income from employment, a personal allowance for individual taxpayers, spouse allowance for married taxpayers, a child allowance – and Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF) and Provident Fund contribution exemptions among others.

Normally the person receiving taxable income is responsible for calculating PIT liability, file a tax return and pay any tax due, each calendar year.

There is detailed information available for calculating personal income tax liability on the Revenue Department of Thailand’s website


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