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Tax Planning in Thailand

At Juslaws we recognize that proper tax planning can result in significant financial benefits for our clients. Our top priority is to minimize a company’s tax exposure by providing Thailand-specific tax planning advice and by keeping clients advised of changes in Thailand’s tax regulations.
In respect of a client’s international dealings, our advisors may review onshore and offshore structures and relevant double taxation agreements to optimize the tax position on cross-border transactions.

JuslawsTax Planning Services

Structuring corporate taxes

Mergers and acquisitions

Leveraged buy-outs

Various taxes in Thailand – including corporate income tax, value added tax (VAT), specific business tax and others

We provide expert knowledge to client companies in relation to all local taxes, such as corporate income tax, sales tax, withholding tax, stamp and customs duty – and offer advice on tax planning strategies.
In addition, we are able to present an integrated approach on matters as diverse as claiming tax refunds, appealing tax assessments and preparing periodic tax filing documentation for submission to the tax authorities.
Juslaws & Consult has a solid track record in representing the interests of clients with Thai tax authorities in areas of specific business or legal concern where tax regulations are not clear.
As most commercial agreements are subject to a variety of taxes, the parties involved should be familiar with the relevant taxes that can be imposed. We advise our clients on the optimum structure for a commercial transaction in order to minimize their tax exposure.
In most instances, tax cases that reach Thai courts are examined on economic reality as opposed to the contractual relationship stipulated in an agreement. This is known as the doctrine of “substance over form”. In this approach, for taxation purposes, the economic realities of commercial transactions are considered in determining the type of an agreement or contractual relationship that actually exists.
In this regard, in commercial contract tax planning, lawyers in our Taxation Practice analyze the economic reality underlying a deal and draft an agreement that ensures the tax burden in minimized.


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