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Various Taxes in Thailand

Companies established under Thai law are subject to tax on income from sources inside and outside of the country. Foreign companies earning income in Thailand are subject to tax on income sourced in the country. In addition to income tax there are various other corporate taxes and tax issues that arise when doing business in Thailand.

Tax experts at Juslaws provide comprehensive corporate tax planning services and advise clients on all business taxes and tax issues. The major types of tax concerns for business include –

Under Thailand’s Revenue Code both direct and indirect taxes are levied on businesses. Direct taxes include corporate and personal income taxes. Examples of indirect taxes include VAT, specific business tax, customs duty, excise tax, stamp duty and transfer fees.

At Juslaws our tax experts provide comprehensive advice and services to clients on all types of business taxes.

There are other taxes levied on companies doing business in Thailand, such as the petroleum income tax, which is a direct tax on income derived from petroleum operations.

A signboard tax may be imposed on any billboard or sign used for providing information on a business or promoting its products. A sign that displays a company’s name, trademark and/or products is taxed at a rates based on its size and the language used in the sign.

Capital gains are not taxed in Thailand, but are treated as ordinary income in calculating income tax liability.

Thailand’s Revenue Code does not tax a company’s branch profits. The Thai branch of a foreign company is taxed on its net profits arising from business conducted in Thailand. The tax rate is the same as that imposed on resident companies. There is a separate profit remittance tax, however, on profits remitted out of the country.


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