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Withholding Tax
in Thailand

Withholding Tax in Thailand

Withholding Tax in Thailand

Companies operating in Thailand are required by law to withhold tax when paying income and to submit the amount of tax withheld to the Department of Revenue with a withholding tax report and they must withhold taxes from employee compensation every pay period. The withholding tax rate depends on the amount and type of income paid.

PIT Personal Income Tax

Thailand's Personal Income Tax (PIT) is the most common type of withholding tax. It is a direct tax that is withheld from an individual's income by their employer. The actual amount is based on a schedule published by the Thai Revenue Department. Individual taxpayers are required to file a return each calendar year and to pay any additional tax that may be due.

Other Types Of Payments

With some other types of payments for services made to persons that are not employees of the company, the company must withhold tax at the time of payment. The company is required to file a tax return and submit the amount withheld to the Department of Revenue.

Juslaws & Consult

Juslaws & Consult provides payroll services that include remitting withholding tax and submitting reports to the Department of Revenue in Thailand. As part of our payroll management service Juslaws & Consult addresses the payroll administration requirements of our clients and ensures that the company is in compliance with Thai tax laws. If you require additional information on any of our payroll management services please do not hesitate to contact us.


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