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Company Set Up - BOI - Board of Investment - Thailand

What Is BOI Law In Thailand?

BOI (Board of Investment) Law, is a promotional policy created in 1954 when the government announced their Industrial Promotion Act. The government started actively subsidizing and promoting incentives for foreign businesses willing to open and operate in the Kingdom of Thailand. Through the Board of Investment law, the government guarantees not to interfere or nationalize foreign businesses. Thailand was the first country in this region to have such an investment law.

The Office of the Board of Investment is a government agency under the Office of the Prime Minister. Its main roles and responsibilities are to promote investment. Here are some of the main laws to protect a promoted person

  • The State shall not nationalize the activity of the promoted person.
  • The State shall not undertake a new activity in competition with the promoted person.
  • The State shall not monopolize the sale of products or commodities of the same kind as, or similar to those produced or assembled by the promoted person.
  • The State will not control the price of the products or commodities of the promoted activity also the promoted person shall be granted permission to export products or commodities of the promoted activity.
  • The State shall not allow any government agency, government organization or state enterprise to import into the Kingdom, with import duties exempted any kind as those being produced or assembled by the promoted person, which are comparable in quality therewith and are available in sufficient quantity to be acquire for its use.

Current Policy Board Of Investment

Since 1954, each new cabinet issues new policies to give more incentives and more support to foreign investment in Thailand. The most recent policy issued is the "Seven-Year Investment Promotion policy (2015 – 2021)". here are some details:

  • Promote investment that helps enhance competitiveness by encouraging research & development, innovation, value creation in the agricultural, industrial, and the services sectors, SMEs, fair competition, and reduce social economic disparity.
  • Promote Activities that are environment-friendly, save energy or use alternative energy to drive balanced and sustainable growth.
  • Promote clusters to create investment concentration in accordance with regional potential and to strengthen value chains.
  • Promote investment in border provinces in Southern Thailand to help develop the local economy, which will support efforts to enhance security in the area.
  • Promote special economic zones, especially in border areas, both inside and outside industrial estates, to create economic connectivity with neighboring countries and to prepare Thailand for entrance into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
  • Promote Thai overseas investment to enhance the competitiveness of Thai businesses and Thailand's role in the global economy.

Why Set Up A BOI Company?

Icon for 100% Foreign Ownership

100% Foreign Ownership

Permission to have 100% foreign ownership

Icon for Visas & Work Permits

Visas & Work Permits

Permitted to bring in experts and skilled workers with their families

Icon for Corporate tax rates

0% Tax

Up to 15 years exemption of Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

Icon for Right to own land in Thailand


Permits foreigners to own land

Thai Limited Company VS Board Of Investment Company




Ratio of Thai to Foreigner Employees



Effective Corporate Tax Rate



Foreign Ownership

Restricted to 49%

100% is allowable

Import Machinery


Duty Free*

Summary Board Of Investment Company

Applying for a Board Of Investment company set up can prove to be a trying affair. Juslaws & Consult has years of experience dealing with the officials at the BOI and can help make your application process painless. Don't hesitate to contact us for your FREE first consultation.


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