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Careers and Internships Available with Juslaws & Consult


Careers and Internships Available with Juslaws & Consult

Careers Think About Juslaws & Consult

Yes, we are hiring! Our modern, dynamic and forward-thinking law firm is currently looking for candidates who show strong character, good interpersonal skills, sound judgment and excellent analytical and reasoning skills. These will be combined with natural ability, real enthusiasm and a capacity to contribute to a team endeavor. In return for dedicated work, we, at Juslaws & Consult, commit to developing and supporting successful applicants in the best possible environment, offering exposure to challenging and interesting roles whilst working alongside our most accomplished lawyers.

Careers Available Juslaws & Consult

Below you will find a list of careers available with us. To apply for any position simply click on "Apply Now".

Follow these instruction carefully!
You are allowed to upload only 1 PDF document file. Your PDF should be complete with your CV, and make sure the CV has a photo of yourself on it, and include a cover letter stating why you would like to work at Juslaws & Consult.


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Senior Lawyer

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Associate & Legal Assistant

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Tax Advisor

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Support Staff

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Internships Available

We realize that any firm's biggest asset is its people. Hence, we are always looking for the best people to join us and contribute to the development of our law firm. Our partners are always willing to meet young graduates in both universities and our offices, interested in developing a discourse over subjects such as concerns and inquires about work in the legal field. In the recent years we have established solid relationships with the academic and education sectors and consequently recruit highly talented people from the most prestigious universities in Thailand, Europe and United States.

Internships Available - We are always looking for Thai and Foreign freshly graduated lawyers to join our Bangkok office for a 6 months Internship Program. Applicants should have enough maturity, ambitious mentality and a minimum basic level of understanding of what is required to work with a team in an international law firm. We encourage students of Law to actively maintain contact with us, and we offer Law graduates to attach the following supporting documents to their application:

After finishing the Internship period the partners involved in the process will offer a Reference Letter for the intern's personal records and Juslaws & Consult reserves the right to issue a Job Offer to the intern to join as an employee with the position of Junior Associate at our Bangkok or Phuket offices. Every year Juslaws & Consult gives an opportunity to several of our interns to join our team on a permanent basis. If we decide not to hire a potential candidate, we always refer and introduce the lawyer to appropriate companies based on the skills, goals and experience they have accrued.

In the case of foreign lawyers, the firm will support the intern at its own expense with any bureaucratic process that may arise as well as with their visa application at the Immigration Bureau in Thailand.

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