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Commercial & Corporate
Litigation in Thailand

Commercial and Corporate Litigation in Thailand

Commercial & Corporate Litigation

Juslaws & Consult will give you advice and assistance regarding all your commercial or corporate litigation matters. We have a great deal of experience and expertise when it comes to litigation between two companies in Thailand.

At Juslaws & Consult we specialize in both commercial and corporate litigation and are willing to assist you and guide you through all evolving matters. Our expert team will meticulously examine any documents related to a business or commercial transaction you may be considering entering into in order to avoid any potential conflicts that may lead to litigation.

Should you have already engaged in a business arrangement and a dispute arises, Juslaws & Consult can assess the situation thoroughly by going through every minute detail and clause contained in the agreement to confirm which party has deviated from the procedures agreed to and to try to determine how to resolve the dispute. Should the claimant be justified in his allegations, then appropriate action for restitution should be discussed.

The most common types of corporate litigation actions include, among others:

Breach of Contract In Thailand

When a party to an agreement fails to perform any term of a written or oral contract without a legitimate legal reason the other party may claim a breach of contract. This could involve failure to complete a job, not paying on time or in full, failing to deliver all required goods, substituting inferior or substantially different goods, or any other act demonstrating that the party will not perform as agreed upon. One of the most common types of civil lawsuits in Thailand is for court-ordered specific performance and/or damages resulting from a breach of contract.

Breach Of Director's Duties:

A juristic person can bring a claim against the director of the company if the company has suffered some loss due to abusive conduct of the Director(s). If the Director has made some personal profit, the company has the right to claim the gain from the Director concerned.


Juslaws & Consult will be pleased to support you in your commercial and corporate disputes. We will advise you carefully and ensure you are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages before proceeding with litigation before the Commercial Courts in Thailand.

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