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Environmental Law
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Environmental Law in Thailand

Since the early 1970s, Thailand has enacted laws designed to protect the Kingdom's environment and its abundant natural resources. This has also been a time of significant focus on the social and economic development of the country. Rapid economic growth and protection of the environment do not always work hand-in-hand, however, enforcing environmental laws has now become a priority.

The BOI Promotes Environmentally Friendly Investments

In recent times global warming and deforestation have moved into the focus of public attention in Thailand. All legal aspects relating to land use, in particular public construction law are also crucial in environmental matters. For an effective environmental protection it is also important that the right to sue in court of organizations which advocate environmental issues is recognized. Even the Board of Investment's new policy reflects the new awareness for environmental issues and the BOI promotes environmentally friendly investments.

Juslaws & Consult Protecting Your Interests

Nowadays, environmental issues are regarded as a business opportunity, for example in the sector of renewable energy. On request Juslaws & Consult are able to conduct environmental audits of a client's facilities and operations. We offer a full range of auditing services that includes environmental management systems auditing to ensure compliance with environmental laws.

Our attorneys also review environmental site or facility assessments prepared by others for due diligence purposes. We provide advice on whether the environmental assessment conducted was sufficiently thorough and whether the conclusions made are justified by the data collected and analyzed.

We assist clients in obtaining environmental permits that are necessary for their business operations. We analyze their needs and then, as necessary, assist in the preparation of the appropriate applications for air, waste water and wetland permits as prescribed by environmental laws in Thailand.

The Juslaws & Consult lawyers will negotiate the terms of the permits and seek exemptions and permit modifications when appropriate. In addition, we provide specialized representation in the purchase and sale of businesses and real estate in which there are environmental implications.


Today in Thailand environmental laws are complex and you will find yourself in need of a good legal firm to handle these concerns. Juslaws & Consult has years of experience dealing with environmental issues and can certainly help so please do not hesitate to contact us


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