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Family Law in Thailand

In Thailand, the legal system of family law is extremely diverse and is based on the European civil law model with the main influence being from France's civil law system and is primarily codified in the country's Civil and Commercial Code.

Family Law covers issues such as civil unions, marriage, legal separations, contested and uncontested divorces, domestic and foreign adoptions, parental custody of children and may other areas. At Juslaws & Consult our family law department specialize in:

  1. Child Adoption
  2. Child Custody
  3. Divorce
  4. Marriage
  5. Pre-Marital / Prenuptial Agreements
  6. Wills / Estate Administration

Juslaws & Consult

Due to the large proportion of foreign clients at Juslaws & Consult, we have gained a vast wealth of experience and knowledge advising our clients on family law matters. We always aim to resolve matters in the most conciliatory and cost-effective manner. Juslaws & Consult provides advice on all aspects of Thai family law, and we have extensive experience in drafting alimony claims and dealing with custody disputes.

In the field of Family Law the most recent cases handled by our legal team in Thailand were:

  • A Prenuptial Agreement, Marriage and Divorce of an American citizen in Thailand
  • A successful case representing a British citizen in a Divorce case and obtaining 100% custody in Thailand.
  • A successful case representing an American citizen in a Divorce case and obtaining 100% custody in Thailand.
  • A successful case representing a foreigner to get 100% custody of a child from deceased parents. This is the 1st case in the history of Thailand
  • A successful case representing a Taiwanese citizen to get a divorce and litigate against a Filipino citizen who was previously married in Philippines.
  • A successful case representing a British citizen in obtaining 100% custody of two children
  • A successful case representing a Thai citizen to obtain a divorce of a Korean citizen and get 100% custody in Thailand
  • Advice on a Prenuptial Agreement and Registration of Marriage of a Spanish and Thai citizen


Clients involved in serious family disputes need a lawyer who has the ability and experience to represent them effectively. At Juslaws & Consult we defend family cases aggressively, while at the same time ensuring that legal costs are kept at a reasonable level and avoiding further damage to the family relationships whenever possible. We provide advice and service in all aspects of this broad area of law. If you would like more information on our family law services please do not hesitate to contact Juslaws & Consult.


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