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Malee Pavlenko

Malee has been working as the legal translator and interpreter at Juslaws & Consult since July 2016. 

In her current role at Juslaws & Consult, Malee is in charge of translation of documents from Thai to English and from English to Thai. Working with Thai, English, Spanish and Polish languages, Malee is also able to translate documents from Spanish and Polish languages into Thai language. 


Before joining Juslaws & Consult Malee had over 5 years of experience working with the Thai Court of Justice and the Royal Thai Police in Chonburi and Bangkok. Following her previous experience and background, Malee holds a solid expertise in providing high quality translations in all legal areas such as Court submissions, judgments, Police reports, real estate contracts, business contracts, financial statements, corporate documents among others.

Professional Qualifications


Contact: malee@juslaws.com

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