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Public Private Partnership
PPP in Thailand

Public Private Partnership - PPP

Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Thailand

Fast economic growth in Thailand combined with a limited budget from the public sector are two key reasons why the public sector is strategically implementing Public Private Partnerships. These types of partnerships require private participation in developing infrastructure and services, and Juslaws & Consult is right in the middle of all this excitement.

Successful examples of Public Private Partnerships, also referred to as PPP, are energy, water, transport and telecommunications projects. The Government of Thailand is proactive to facilitate new projects under this scheme.

Juslaws & Consult

Juslaws & Consult can advise on build-operate-transfer arrangements, adjudication, contentious and non-contentious construction law work including advice on civil construction joint ventures, projects initiation, implementation and monitoring. Our core of professional legal services are oriented to:

  • Public Service Delivery
  • Joint Ventures
  • Build Operate Transfer BOT
  • Build Transfer Operate BTO
  • Build Own Operate BOO
  • Other contracts such as Lease, Long Term Service Contracts and Privatization.


While Public Private Partnerships are now all the rage in Thailand it is imperative to note that having the right legal representation is just as important. Juslaws & Consult comes equipped with a full array of services that we can offer as well as protect your intrests in this very complex area. If you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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