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Value Added Tax in Thailand - VAT
Juslaws & Consult

Value Added Tax - VAT - in Thailand

Value Added Tax in Thailand

Juslaws & Consult advises that any company doing business in Thailand and having a gross monthly income of at least 300,000 Thai Baht or yearly income of 1,800,000 Thai Baht is required to register under the Thai Value Added Tax system if its goods or services are liable to VAT.

VAT Returns

The Revenue Department requires VAT returns to be filed monthly. At Juslaws & Consult our Accounting and Auditing department performs this monthly service for clients, along with calculating the amount of Value Added Tax payable. The amount payable each month is basically the amount of VAT collected by the company less the amount of VAT it has paid to others.

Value Added Tax returns must be submitted to the Revenue Department by the 15th of the following month. Once a company is Value Added Tax registered, a filing must be made monthly even if had no income that month.

Reports & Fines

Before the monthly Value Added Tax return is filed, our accountants prepare two reports – one for output VAT and one for input VAT. If the output VAT amount is higher than input VAT, the company is required to remit the difference to the Revenue Department. What this means is that the amount of Value Added Tax collected from customers is greater than the amount of Value Added Tax the company paid to its suppliers.

If the output VAT amount is less than input VAT, then the company can offset the output Value Added Tax due the next month. It is also possible to apply for a refund, but normal practice is to apply the difference to offset the next remittance.

A fine is levied for failing to submit a report or for a late filing. The amount of the fine is twice the amount of the tax owed plus a penalty of 1.5 per cent interest on the unpaid amount.

Juslaws & Consult

Juslaws & Consult's lawyers have extensive knowledge on Value Added Tax also know as VAT regulations in Thailand and experience in providing tax services to businesses in Thailand. If you require additional information on any of our Taxation services please do not hesitate to contact us.


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