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Come on in and meet our people at Juslaws & Consult, a talented and experienced group of individuals that makes up a formidable legal team to help our clients with their legal matters. Juslaws & Consult, a Law Firm based in Thailand, is an innovative, independent law firm, dealing almost exclusively with international clients, who seek legal advice whether in business affairs, corporate matters, tax issues, risk management, structuring and restructuring of company entities suitable to different types of business, criminal and civil disputes, litigation or arbitration in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Our Legal Team

You can count on your legal team to serve you in English, but our people can also provide services in several other languages including French, German and Chinese.

Company Founders

Khun Yuthana Promsin is the co-founder and chairman of the international law firm Juslaws & Consult. He is well known internationally and locally due to his experience and expertise gained during the past 3 decades as one of the top corporate attorneys and litigators in the Kingdom of Thailand. Khun Yuthana Promsin graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University in 1996, and was admitted as a member of the Thai Bar in 1998, obtaining a license to practice law from the Lawyers Council of Thailand the same year.
Khun Kunnika Limkul is a partner and co-founder at the Juslaws & Consult office in Bangkok. She specializes in corporate law and works in Thai and English. She holds a LL.B degree from Thammasat University, and a Post Graduate degree in Business from Edith Cowan University, Australia. In addition to the aforementioned degrees, she also has a license to practice as a Notarial Services Attorney and a license to practice as a litigator.


Theodore A Pianko is a partner at Juslaws & Consult and is based in the Phuket. He is a very experienced American lawyer with a wide-ranging background in virtually all significant legal issues that can arise in the course of conducting businesses and making investments. Ted’s first employment as a lawyer was in 1978 at the headquarters of Ford Motor Company handling litigation. In 1980, he moved to Los Angeles to become a litigation associate at the law firm of Lillick, McHose & Charles. There, he worked on resolving disputes involving various real estate and business matters. Theodore A Pianko has lived in Thailand since 2006 and has been involved with a large luxury hotel and villas development project and the operation of a large resort hotel, both of those projects are on small islands just off the coast of Phuket. Both assignments enabled him to develop a deep understanding of the legal and financial aspects of the property development and hospitality businesses in Thailand.
Laurent Benoit is a French Business Consultant and Partner at Juslaws & Consult Bangkok office. Laurent holds two master’s degrees in law from the Universities of Milan, Italy and Toulouse, France. Since July 2016, he works in our corporate department advising local, foreign and multinational companies. In his current capacity, Laurent Benoit currently advises corporation and high-net-worth individuals doing business and investing in Southeast Asia. His work includes international business agreements, funding projects, advising on banking regulations and cross-border fund transfers, individual and corporate tax optimization and multinational transactions. Laurent Benoit role at Juslaws & Consult will be also to find potential clients and investors in Southeast Asia, namely in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and China. His deep knowledge of the Monaco Monte Carlo business community and his extensive network of contacts will enable him to find reliable investors for Juslaws & Consult’s client in the ASEAN region.
Marina Lashchenova is a partner of Juslaws & Consult and the Director of the Phuket office. She is a Russian-trained and qualified accountant who has lived in Phuket for three years. After graduating from university, she worked for ten years for the Ali Corporation, a significant developer and operator of commercial real estate projects in the Russian Far East. While there Marina Lashchenova was involved in designing and implementing accounting systems, auditing, taxation planning and reporting, business management, and strategic planning. She has also held principal positions in successful auditing and trading companies in Russia. Marina Lashchenova has been trained extensively in the proper application of International Financial Reporting Standards and has become competent in Thai accounting and taxation laws and regulations.
Khun Trelot Lekkrajang is a litigation partner at the Juslaws & Consult office in Bangkok. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. In addition to the aforementioned degrees, he is deeply experienced in project management as well as in taxes. At Juslaws & Consult, Khun Trelot Lekkrajang handles a wide variety of litigation cases for civil, criminal and high-value claims.
Dan Xue is a Partner at Juslaws & Consult and head of our Chinese desk based in our Bangkok office. Dan Xue\'s role at Juslaws & Consult is to find potential Chinese clients and investors in Thailand. His deep knowledge of the Chinese business community and his extensive network of contacts will enable him to bring reliable investors for Juslaws & Consult’s clients in the ASEAN region.
Mr. Jakkarin Chatrungrueangchai is an Accounting Manager at Juslaws & Consult in Bangkok. He has over 10 years of experience in advising clients with respect to income/franchise, capital, gross receipts, sales and use, property, employment and other state industry specific excise taxes. He is in charge for monitoring and coordinating daily accounting activities. Some of his responsibilities include analyzing accounting data, generating financial reports, tracking debt activity, adhering to accounting principles, organizing regular audits, and maintaining organization accounting information confidential. Khun Jakkarin has a good understanding of business objectives. He has advised a wide range of lenders, sponsors and borrowers on domestic and cross-border transactions.

Senior Associate

Ms. Nithirat Chayaapichat has been working at Juslaws & Consult since 2009 as a Senior Associate based in the Phuket office. She specializes primarily in corporate and transactional law areas, advising local and international investors. She is recognized by clients and colleagues for his commercial acumen, providing creative solutions to problems and well-drafted documents. Ms. Chayaapichat’s work has involved company registrations and maintenance, business transactions, due diligence investigations, and real estate development and sales. Additionally, she also supports our litigation team in certain smatters. Prior to joining Juslaws & Consult, she worked for another leading law firm in the Phuket area.
Mr. Phopipat Photi is a Senior Associate in the litigation department of Juslaws & Consult and specializes in providing advice and handling client cases related to business issues. He acts for a broad variety of client types and has particular expertise in acting for the owners of large businesses. He is mindful of the importance of realistic valuations of businesses and shareholding, and of the problems associated with illiquidity. Much of his practice concerns issues related to the structuring and management of partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. Mr. Photi also has substantial experience with criminal, family and administrative law cases. Mr. Photi’s expertise centers around effectively developing cases by maintaining contact with people involved in the case, preparing and forwarding summonses and subpoenas, drafting complaints, generating status reports, gathering legal information and evidence for legal cases and hearings, and researching and analyzing the issues. His approach is to find the quickest possible way to resolve such claims for his clients to minimize expensive court proceedings, if possible.
Khun Koravee Buranayoughkul is a Senior Associate at Juslaws & Consult and is based in their Bangkok office. His practice areas include corporate law, partnership law, contracts, intellectual property and litigation support in those areas.
Mr. Kongpon Thanongyuthitham is an attorney at Juslaws & Consult who specializes in representing plaintiffs and defendants in civil and criminal lawsuits and arbitration proceedings. He has more than 17 years of experience, and is skilled in preparing petitions, motions, summonses, subpoenas and complaints, as well as in courtroom practice. He can successfully manage all phases of litigation from the investigation, pleading and mediation stages through the pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal processes.
Mr. Pentor Kamonyabut is a Senior Associate at Juslaws & Consult based in Bangkok. He has assisted domestic and international companies by obtaining Foreign Business Licenses and Foreign Business Certificates. His practice focuses primarily on corporate and real estate law, including due diligence, sale transactions, development licenses, Environmental Impact Assessments, leases and service projects. He is also experienced with the laws and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Mr. Kamonyabut has worked on multiple due diligence investigations, including providing legal analyses for mergers and acquisitions and company restructures. He can assist clients in related areas, such as intellectual property, tax, corporate and contract law. Mr. Kamonyabut is also able to provide advice on Thai labor law and employment matters, including employment agreements, employee termination, work regulations, labor union and employee benefits, as well as on commercial litigation matters.
Ms. Juthamas Raksathamjoined Juslaws & Consult as a Senior Associate based in Bangkok. Her experience is providing legal advice to domestic and international clients requesting investment promotion incentives from Thailand’s Board of Investment, as well as all aspects of company registrations and obtaining Foreign Business Licenses, visa and work permit applications, and marriage and residency in Thailand. Ms. Raksatham is a native Thai speaker and highly proficient in spoken and written English.
Mr. Nattapol Suwanamas is an Associate at Juslaws & Consult in our Bangkok office. He works on both on civil and criminal litigation cases and other kinds of adversarial legal proceedings such as arbitrations, mediations and administrative law proceedings. Mr. Suwanamas is known as a well-spoken attorney and is comfortable presenting cases in court. Out of the court room, he advises clients in the complexities of bankruptcy laws and counsels them in reducing their debt load by liquidating assets and paying creditors. If the clients are creditors, he attempts to extract
Khun Malee Pavlenko has been working as translator/interpreter at Juslaws & Consult since July 2016. Regarding her experiences, she made translation for police report, legal and official documents. Also, she was an interpreter between languages during court proceeding, attorneys, and court- related departments in the direction of court. At Juslaws and Consult, her priorities are translating and interpreting the documents relating to legal and law matters into foreign languages, ensuring translated documents maintain original meaning.
Mr. Kittitach Mana joined Juslaws & Consult as a Senior Associate based in Bangkok, where he works for both Thai and foreign clients. His practice focuses on corporate and litigation matters, including criminal cases and commercial disputes in the trial, appeal and supreme courts. Mr. Kittitach also provides corporate and tax services, including company registration, VAT registration and tax advising. In addition, he also provides IP services including trademark and petty patent registrations. He has excellent communication skills in both Thai and English.
Ms. Suthawan Boonmak is a Senior Associate at Juslaws & Consult based in Bangkok. She assists in both domestic and international companies by processing company registration, Foreign Business Licenses, Foreign Business Certificates, BOI Promotion Certificates and Treaty of Amity. Her practice focuses primarily on Corporate and Commercial law, including requests for visa & work permit and related licenses. Ms. Suthawan is also experienced in laws and regulations of Department of Business Development (DBD), Board of Investment (BOI), Customs Department, Revenue Department, Immigration Bureau, Labour Department and Department of Intellectual Property.


Sirirat Phadungmai graduated from Faculty of Law, Ubon Ratchathani University. After being graduted, she has been working in the position of associate at Juslaws & Consult Company limited since 2017. Sirirat practise’s focus on civil and litigation cases. She can perfectly draft and submit the notice, motion or petition, assisting another attorney, including plan for the settlement agreement and other legal documetns.
Mr. Pollagrit Sukmuang is an Associate at the Bangkok Office of Juslaws & Consult. His practices focuses on both corporate and litigation cases. He can support company registration services for Thai and Foreign potential clients. He had also been a trainee in Magic Circle law firm. He is able to provide advice regarding labor law, employment agreements, and employee compensation and termination.
Nattawat Paramasakul is an Associate at Juslaws & Consult based in Bangkok, bringing his expertise in civil law and litigation practices. Khun Nattawat’s practice focuses on litigation cases. He previously assists our senior attorneys in Juslaws. As an associate, he is professionally able to prepare a lawsuit in Thai and English, petitions and Power of Attorney for clients. Nattawat graduated from the Law School of Assumption University, experiencing several law competitions and activities. He is Native Thai Speaker and is highly proficient in spoken and written English.
Ms. Kunita Tantiphanwadee is an Associate at Juslaws & Consult working in the Phuket office. She undertakes legal research to properly advise clients, develops litigation strategies, gathers evidence to support claims, and prepares legal documents, filings and translations in litigation cases. She is also well-versed in corporate and real estate law and governmental filing requirements. She has an in-depth knowledge of many key legal processes in Thailand.
Mr. Phakawat Nitchakarn is an associate at Juslaws and Consult in the Bangkok office. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law Degree from Ramkhamhaeng University. He works on both litigation and corporate law matters. He is fast and willing learner and always works with determination and ambition. He has good communication skills in both Thai and English.
Ms.Kanokporn Amonsatapipat works as an Associate at Juslaws and Consult based in Phuket, and has more than 6 years of legal work experience in Phuket. She has substantial experience liaising with government agencies in Phuket and assisting with due diligence investigations and property transactions at Land Office. Ms. Kanokporn has excellent communication skills in both Thai and English.
Aleron (Alex) Laoboonchai is an associate of Juslaws & Consult in Bangkok. Having graduated with honors in Bachelor of Business Law from Thammasat University, he handles a wide range of corporate and litigation matters. Stemming from an international background with fluency in English and Thai, Aleron works alongside other members of the team to bring nothing but the very best legal services for our clients. Before joining Juslaws & Consult, Aleron gained considerable experience from acting as the Vice President of the largest law students’ association in the Asia-Pacific region and working with numerous renowned legal organizations. Qualifying as a “Proficient User” with “advanced operational proficiency” of the English language under the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” standards, he is an excellent speaker of English and works to exceed the expectations of our international clients.
Mr. Potchara Netraprachit is an Associate at Juslaws & Consult based in the Bangkok office. His practice is primarily concentrated on the fields of corporate law and litigation. He is a native Thai speaker with developing communication skills in English.
Mr. Waranyoo Phadungsri recently joined Juslaws & Consult as an Associate based in the Bangkok office. He regularly contributes his legal expertise to both local and international clients regarding a variety of corporate and commercial matters. He endeavours to assists clients who wish to establish, operate and achieve commercial results through creative solutions and perseverance. He also has considerable experience with legal research. He is a native Thai speaker and highly proficient in spoken and written English. Prior to joining Juslaws & Consult, he has been abroad for several years, which has equipped him to be able to respond effectively to multicultural clients.
Mr. Veerasak Promthong is qualified Thai lawyer based at Juslaws and Consult in Phuket. He is also a valued member of our litigation, administrative law, and regulatory proceedings teams. He specializes in government contracting and investigations. He has successfully represented a wide range of clients as lead counsel in numerous appeals and trials.
Mr. Nonthawat (James) Kimhong is an associate at Juslaws and Consult in the Bangkok office. Nonthawat graduated from Thammasat University and is currently supporting the corporate team in Bangkok office. He has assisted the team in company registration for both Thai and foreign clients. He is a native Thai speaker and proficient in spoken and written English.
Ms. Puttachard Poolsing is an Associate at Juslaws & Consult. Her area of practice is in corporate cases, focusing on foreign clients who are planning on investing in Thailand. She is able to provide advice on commercial and shareholder disputes. Ms. Puttachard also has experience in Thai litigation and general civil and commercial matters, including drafting and reviewing court documents, contracts, transactional documents and conducting due diligence investigations. She is fluent in English and Thai.
Ms. Hataichanok Meekul works as an Associate at Juslaws and Consult based in Bangkok. Her practice focuses on corporate projects. She is currently supporting the corporate team in company registration services for both Thai and foreign clients. Ms. Haitaichanok holds a LL.B Degree from Mae Fah Luang University and Master Degree of Laws in Intellectual Property and Digital Economy from University of Glasgow, Scotland. Ms. Hataichanok is a native Thai speaker and highly proficient in spoken and written English.

Administrative Staff

Ms. Anchalee Srithamatorn has been working with Juslaws & Consult in our Phuket office since 2007 as an Senior Executive Secretary and has vast knowledge in preparing legal documents, including pleadings, motions, briefs, discovery documents, and subpoenas related to company registrations. She also maintains complex docket systems to track the myriad of legal filing deadlines, creates spreadsheets, indexes and updates pleadings and discovery binders, and schedules site inspections, hearings, closings, and meetings.
Patamanun Nathong joined Juslaws and Consult as an Executive Assistant in the Bangkok Office, where she is responsible for secretarial and administrative tasks. She primarily assists the managing and other partners regarding document matters and other duties assigned. Also, her responsibilities include handing daily administrative and receptionist duties, as well as aiding the Administrative Manager and the attorneys. Ms. Patamanun is a native Thai speaker and is fluent in written and spoken English.
Pitchapa Pumsri is an Executive Assistant at Juslaws & Consult based in Bangkok. She focuses mainly on translation and transcription works by supporting other team members with legal documents and evidences translating in all three languages. Additionally, Pitchapa is responsible for secretarial and administrative tasks from handling receptionist duties to accounting processes. Pitchapa is a native Thai speaker and is fluent in written and reading French and English.
Ms. Ploynampetch Hanpachon newly joined Juslaws and consult in 2019 in our Bangkok office as an Executive Assistant. She has experienced an international workplace while studying Master degree in Switzerland. She was in various industries such as consumer products, energy, distribution and hospitality specializing in marketing. As an Executive Assistant, Ms. Ploynampetch is generally in charge of all secretarial and administrative tasks including preparing documents, organizing meetings and contacting suppliers. She can communicate in English efficiently and is proficient in German and Japanese.

Accounting Department

Ms. Paveena Musikapong is an Accounting Manager at Juslaws & Consult in our Bangkok office, her responsibilities include establishing financial status by developing and implementing systems for collecting, analyzing, verifying and reporting information. She works closely with our financial management team as an Accounting Manager, she supervises, monitors and evaluates all day-to-day accounting activities.
Ms. Rattana Nuamrat is an accounting supervisor at Juslaws & Consult, where she focuses on the taxation of financial instruments. She has over 7 years of experience in tax matters impacting the financial services industry. She has advised a number of foreign and domestic entities on a variety of tax issues in the areas of planning, tax accounting and financial reporting and compliance.
Ms. Kritsanarak Kritsanarakrub is an Accountant at Juslaws & Consult in our Bangkok office. Her responsibilities are preparing and examining financial records. She ensures that financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time. She also assesses financial operations and work processes to help ensure that organizations run efficiently.
Sutthathip Thongsuk is a Paralegal in the Bangkok office of Juslaws & Consult. Besides from supporting the Administrative Manager, she is also qualified to assist with obtaining a work permit & visa, social security fund, company due diligence and is able to open a bank account in either Thai Bath or foreign currency in Thailand. Sutthathip is native Thai speaker and highly proficient in spoken and written English.
Chonchanok Rugsakick is an accountant at Juslaws and Consult in Bangkok Office. He is in charge of daily accounting duties where his responsibilities include providing financial information to management by analyzing accounting data and also preparing report. He also updates the financial records and arranges the tax payment to be paid on time. He also is responsible for financial forecasting and risk analyses. Mr. Chonchanok also has previous experience working as a legal assistant in law firm. Moreover, he has Bachelor’s Degrees in Law and Finance. He also has excellent communication skills in both Thai and English.


Heinrich Seul is a clean energy consultant that works exclusively through Juslaws & Consult for owners and lenders of clean energy projects that are customers of the firm. Heinrich Seul, born 1960 in Germany’s famous Rhine valley is an infrastructure project specialist. After studying engineering and international development in Kassel and Rio de Janeiro he spent his first years in the Worldbank’s Polonoroeste Project in the Brazilian Amazon and worked on hydropower, mining, logging, rail and road projects for the governments of Germany, Brazil and Ghana.
Dirk-Henning Stuhr is a Project Finance Consultant at Juslaws & Consult in Bangkok and during the last 20 years, he has personally and successfully implemented over 100 projects while supervising and consulting a further 400 projects. He achieved excellent professional results for the clients by structuring finances and income streams within the projects. He is a well-known expert in Project Implementation, Supply Chain Management, Finance and Logistics. Dirk-Henning Stuhr mainly works in German, English and Spanish languages.
Khun Piyabutr Suwanprathip is a legal consultant at Juslaws & Consult. He is considered, by his peers, to be one of top senior litigators in the Kingdom of Thailand. He has 29 years of experience representing clients in Thai court rooms. Khun Piyabutr Suwanprathip graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University and was admitted as a member of the Thai Bar in 1988. He then obtained a license to practice law from the Lawyers Council of Thailand in 1989.That same year he also added the license of Legal Advisor in Juvenile and Family Court. Khun Piyabutr Suwanprathip also obtained a Certificate from the Lawyers Council of Thailand in International Commercial Arbitration and finally a Certificate from Lawyers Council of Thailand in the Debt Collection B.E. 2558.
Khun Chaiwat Sittisuksakul is a legal consultant at Juslaws & Consult. Chaiwat Sittisuksakul has 10 years of experience practicing law and was admitted as a member of the Thai Bar in 2007. Moreover, Chaiwat Sittisuksakul, obtained his Certificate from the Lawyer Council of Thailand.
Khun Suthivej Kayuraphan is a legal consultant for Juslaws & Consult. He graduated from Assumption University and obtained his lawyer\'s license from the Lawyers Council of Thailand in 2013. He later obtained the license of Legal Advisor in Juvenile and Family Court, and a Notarial service attorney registration license in 2015. Khun Suthivej Kayuraphan has strong administration and management skills. Moreover, he has expertise in both Civil and Criminal cases including environmental law, litigation, company setup, intellectual property, bankruptcy, labor, family and corporate tax.
Khun Nipitpat Rojanaburanondh is a legal consultant at Juslaws & Consult. She graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University and obtained her lawyer\'s license from the Lawyers Council of Thailand in 1987. Khun Nipitpat Rojanaburanondh has practiced law in Thailand for more than 3 decades.
Khun Jadechandra Jittkaew brings more than 30 years of experience to the Juslaws & Consult law firm in her position as legal consultant. Khun Jadechandra Jittkaew graduated from Ramkamhaeng University in 1984 and also obtained her lawyer’s license from the Lawyers Council of Thailand that same year.
Khun Rattana Phakaew is a legal consultant at Juslaws & Consult who works with both civil and criminal litigation cases. Rattana Phakaew graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University in 1985.
Artemis (Archie) Glikakis has a history of consulting businesses in several areas ranging from company formation thru to digital marketing. His primary role with Juslaws & Consults is handling client inquiries and advising the right course of action. Then ultimately constructing the proper team who will handle the legal aspects of the client’s inquiry. Artemis (Archie) Glikakis was born and raised in Canada. He speaks 4 languages fluently, English, French, Italian and Greek. He can also speak and understand Thai and Korean.
Mr. Thibaut Experton has been a registered lawyer at the illustrious Paris Bar Association for more than 3 years. Thibaut holds a PhD in Law, and two Master’s degrees of law from the University of Nice, France; one in Public and private International law and the other in Maritime law. Over his years of practice, Mr. Thibaut Experton has developed a broad field of expertise; particularly in Real estate law, Construction regulations, and Industrial risk. He also specializes in criminal and family matters. Thibaut is a lecturer in Contract and European law for some of the most prestigious business schools in France. After having worked with various eminent law firms, Thibaut Experton has decided to launch his own structure to be fully dedicated to his clients’ satisfaction.
Mr. Thomas Experton is a Doctor of Law and a registered lawyer at the illustrious Paris Bar Association. He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental law and Urban planning law, and a Bachelor’s degree in International and European law, in partnership with the Institute of the Right of Peace and Development (IDPD) in Nice, France. He also intervenes in all areas of Public law such as Urban planning, Environmental law, Civil service, and Immigration proceedings. Thomas has worked for two years with a Monaco Monte Carlo investment fund, allowing him to develop an expertise in Investment law. Being an excellent orator, Thomas has participated as a speaker in several conferences, and is a lecturer in Public law in several prominent French universities and business schools.
Jean-Stephane COMBET has been working as a Senior Business Consultant at Juslaws & Consult since May 2019. His main duty is to plan and supervise the work carried out by the team of translators. Jean-Stephane graduated from Inalco in Paris and has lived in Southeast Asia for over 20 years with deep understanding of Thai language and culture. His ability to adapt and his broad knowledge of local culture enable him to act as an intermediary between the French- speaking clients and the Thai lawyers. In addition to his work at Juslaws & Consult, Jean- Stephane has been teaching French at Thammasat and Silpakorn Universities.

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