Andrea Favata

Andrea Favata

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Andrea Favata is an Italian Attorney-at-Law and Partner at Juslaws & Consult's  Bangkok office. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Milan and an Italian Professional Lawyer Certificate. 

Andrea Favata litigated hundreds of cases, including complex criminal, civil and commercial cases that covered a broad range of legal issues. He represents clients in meditations, arbitration and settlement negotiations. 

In his current position,he advises and represents corporations and high-net-worth individuals doing business and investing in Southeast Asia.

Andrea Favata advises clients in various matter including asset, corporate and legal due diligence, legal entity establishment, restructuring of company and many more. Thanks to his vast experience he is focused on following and improving the business of companies  in Southeast Asia, namely in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China.

Andrea Favata - Experience

Andrea worked for 13 years in well-known law firms in Milan, specializing in commercial, civil and criminal law. In 2008 he decided to create his own law firm and managed that for 8 years. In 2016 he moved to Thailand and worked as legal consultant for a company specializing in foreign investments in South East Asia, and soon becoming Co-director of their Hong Kong branch.

Andrea Favata joined the Corporate Department of Juslaws & Consult in Bangkok in 2018. He works in Italian and English languages advising local, foreign and multinational companies.

Most of his experience comes from assisting people and companies located in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thanks to his experience, Andrea Favata defends and advises individuals, small and medium-sized companies as well as multinationals.

Professional Qualifications

Bachelor Degree In Law
Italian Professional Lawyer Certificate

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