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Dirk-Henning Stuhr

Dirk-Henning Stuhr is a Project Finance Consultant at Juslaws & Consult J&C in Bangkok. During 20 years, he has personally and successfully implemented over 100 projects while supervising and consulting further 400 projects. Dirk has global working experience in Project Planning, Finance and Implementation for instance in Europe (i.e. Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, a.o.), Middle East (i.e. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, a.o.), Australia and New Zealand, Africa (especially South Africa) and Latin America (i.e. Ecuador, Argentina, a.o).

During his career Dirk-H. has been working in various industrial sectors such as: logistics, energy and finance.

He achieved excellent professional results for the clients by structuring finances and income streams within the project. He is a well-known expert in Project Implementation, Supply Chain Management, Finance and Logistics. He mainly works in German, English and Spanish.

Professional Qualifications

MBA - specializing in Finance at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) in cooperation with London Business School (LBS), ESCP Paris and Technical University of Berlin (TUB). Final Thesis on M&A in international Context.
Dipl.-Ing. TC, Technical University of Berlin (TUB) - Industrial Engineering in Industrial Chemistry, Final Thesis in management of Secondary Raw Materials & Recycling in a Logistics Context.
Top  Managment Training Herrnstein Institut of Management and Leadership, Austria
Member of the Supply Chain Council in Hong Kong

Contact: dirk@juslaws.com

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