Rattana Phakaew

Rattana Phakaew

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Khun Rattana Phakaew is a legal consultant at Juslaws & Consult  who works with both civil and criminal litigation cases. Rattana Phakaew graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University in 1985.

Rattana Phakaew - Experience

  • For more than 3 decades, Khun Rattana Phakaew, has been serving Thailand’s elite clients in court rooms throughout the Kingdom.
  • Khun Rattana Phakaew obtained her lawyer’s license from the Lawyers Council of Thailand in 1985. She was one of the Directors of the Environmental Lawyers Council of Thailand and the Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Thai Lawyers.
  • Khun Rattana Phakaew became famous when she co-chaired in a Supreme Court case between Thailand Asset Scrutiny Committee Vs. Thaksin Chinnawat.

Professional Qualifications

  • LL.B., Ramkhamhaeng University

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